To Create or Not Create, That Is The Question

Feeling inspired to create something?  A song, a card, baked goods, jewelry, articles of clothing, an organization, world peace and the list goes on. Waiting for the next opportunity to showcase your talents?  Why not answer the Call of Creativity?

You have what it takes to be CREATivE.  You have the knowledge.  You have the skills.  You have abilities.  With the KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities)  on your team, you’re more than halfway across the finish line.

Word to the CREATORS

  1. Connect with your spiritual source for guidance.
  2. Take time get acquainted with yourself to better understand your likes, dislikes, passion & drive.
  3. Document the process via journaling and audio-visual aids.
  4. Get excited and tell others about your creation(s).
  5. Believe – Create – Believe – Create – Believe – Create – Believe – Create.

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